"Let’s go"

Heaven patrol angel patted the shoulder of Emperor Qing Yan and said, "I heard that there may be a lot of Luo Cha people hidden in the wilderness that day, and those Rogue people are all stunning. You can just pick a batch to come back."
The matter Qing Yan emperor jun just nodded his head.
In the tunnel, a huge classical building ship is heading for the wasteland on the edge of the middle world.
The ship is nine stories high and 100 feet high, and many figures can be seen on each floor, including Ge Xianbing wearing armor and holding a war, as well as ladies-in-waiting wearing tulle.
There are fairy sounds in the ship, and the fragrance fills the air with extraordinary style.
There is a figure in the bow. plain clothes is holding a roll of ancient books in his light hand. It seems that he is absent-minded to take a look occasionally.
Behind him came a rich sound.
Seeing a man in a yellow robe, surrounded by many ladies-in-waiting guards, walking slowly, distinguished and dignified.
Yunzhu turned to call a "father" when he heard the sound.
The bearer is the purple Xuan fairy king!
"I have long said that the Soviet-Mexican interface idea is too naive."
King Zi Xuanxian pointed around and said, "Look where this place has come?"
"The surrounding stars are desolate, and their vitality is almost dried up. How can he develop an interface in a place like this? How many people are willing to run here? "
Yunzhu is silent
The surrounding scene is indeed as Zixuan Xianwang said, and she has nothing to refute.
But if she had to choose, she would like to come over.
Zi Xuan Xian Wang Dao "At the beginning, you advised your father to move Zi Xuan Xian Guo, but I refused. Now you understand."
Yunzhu remains silent.
King Zixuanxian said with a sigh, "Yunzhu, you have read a lot, and my father can’t compare with you."
"But there are some things you can’t learn from your books. Just judging people is much better than your father."
Yunzhu looked strange and looked at the heart of Zixuanxian Wang andao. "This time you are really mistaken …"
"That Su Mo sent you an invitation letter, and you insisted on coming and taking your father to see your heart, just to prove that your father was wrong."
Zi Xuanxian Wang smiled and said, "Now?"
"Father has lived for hundreds of thousands of years. It is through experience and vision that you can judge whether you can come to middle school or not."
"I know."
Yunzhu smiled and nudged Zixuanxian Wang Dao, "Father, please go back and rest quickly."
"We had a deal."
King Zixuanxian is not at ease again. "You can’t stay there to congratulate him on the day of famine, and your father will go back today."
"I can’t bear to let you suffer here in this desolate and dilapidated place."
At this time, King Zixuanxian and Yunzhu in the tunnel suddenly felt a pure vitality.
Through the tunnel barrier, you can see that there are thousands of rays of sunlight looming in the sky ahead!
"This is …"
Yunzhu shennian manipulated the ship to break through the tunnel and came close.
Looking at the vibrant and colorful land in front, like a fairyland, King Zi Xuanxian of the mainland looked shocked on the spot!
At one point, he hallucinated himself!
It’s so unreal that the wasteland suddenly appears on the edge of the middle world.
Before you really enter the wild world, Zixuan Xianwang can feel the vitality and purity of the world around this continent, so the cultivation environment is far better than Zixuan Xianguo!
"What interface is this?"
Purple Xuan fairy king hasn’t reacted yet. Great shock.
There is such a fairyland in the three thousand worlds?
At this time, several figures rose in the mainland, and the first person was Gankun Academy.
"Sister is finally here."
Ink tilting ushered in and said with a smile