"hey! ! ! ! Does Maurizio (Domic) hide in the corner and read pornographic pictorial alone? That own goal is not your fault. No one can make mistakes. "Leia paused and watched Domic sit up and then said," But then again, your kick was really beautiful. When did I transfer AC Milan Inzaghi to Naples? Your stab is very exemplary. I am considering whether to let you be a point-grabbing striker like him. "

Rhea’s teasing tone made others laugh. Domic touched his head and smiled embarrassedly.
When the players have laughed enough, Rhea clapped his hands to signal his brothers to stop laughing.
"Hey, hey, be quiet. Listen to me decorate the half court. We have to change the place. This half court is really weird. It’s the first time for me to run into two own goals in five minutes. I hope there won’t be another half court in the half court. In fact, we have done well. Of course, Florence’s performance is not bad. Pay attention to them. Gilardino Mutu and pazzini are both very dangerous people. The three of them are the ones you should focus on. Domenica doesn’t know if you noticed that you didn’t give the strikers a ground ball, but it’s not as good as you gave them a goal. I hope you can improve as much as possible. You can certainly shoot when you shoot. We need you to shoot Hamsik more. You can’t put the offensive burden of our midfield on Domenica’s shoulders. Don’t forget that Domenica is only 20 years old and is the youngest of you. This is his second season. Actually, it should be regarded as the first season. He has only played three times every season. "Leia is aligned with Nan Ai.
"This little brother, don’t be afraid to have a big brother to protect you. Don’t worry about rushing forward boldly." Hamsik, the "king of destruction" in this locker room, jumped out in a timely manner. He laughed and touched the head of Qinan and said that Qinan was "very anxious" to slap this fellow to the outside stadium. His "killing" eyes were nothing to Hamsik.
The blink of an eye passed at the 15-minute break and returned to the stadium again. Neither team made any adjustments. I wonder what Florence coach Prandelli said to the team in the dressing room at halftime. Florence looked murderous at half time.
At the beginning of the half-time, they gave Napoli a Mawei Mutu and pazzini a two-one, and then Mutu put the ball to Gilardino’s foot. Gilardino showed his delicate skill after receiving the ball. He changed directions twice in a row and got rid of Domic’s defense, and then ejected at a small angle. Fortunately, Lezzo was good enough for the ball to be tackled by him.
Gilardino’s shot finally alerted Napoli people. Domic had to play an extremely strong role to defend the former Serie A top scorer, but Mutu-pazzini-Gilardino, the new three musketeers of Florence, still made Naples’s defense line restless.
Seeing that the situation was a little bad, Rhea had to change people to seek a change. In the 12th minute of the halftime, the captain of Rhea’s team Montevino changed a game, and some of them were not in the state. Marjorie is 32 years old this year. Montevino is now more of a substitute, but he is a very important chess in Rhea’s hand. His appearance can bring stability and confidence to the team, especially when the situation is passive.
Sure enough, Montevino’s appearance made Naples gradually stable, and their offense improved while their defense was well done.
At the first half of Qinan, Donatelle and Montelino were still dead-bound, and Florence’s double midfielders had completely abandoned the attack, and all their energy was concentrated on Qinan. At that time, Qinan had no good way to take them both.
However, football is an eleven-person sport, and the situation that Qinan has two people pinned down by one person will definitely make other teammates in Naples even bigger.
Hamsik is such a beneficiary. Seeing that the team’s defense has gradually stabilized, Hamsik consciously chose to go forward and assist.
"hey! ! Domonica! ! Here, "I heard the familiar sound of Hamsik behind me being entangled with Donatelle Montelino, and Qinan immediately distributed the ball to Hamsik. Hamsik kicked the ball forward and waited for the ball to roll out ten meters before sending it to chase. There was no way to chase it. Florence’s back waist was too wide to guard against him, and Florence defenders were still far away from him.
Hamsik’s dribbling is very simple. You can tell at a glance that it is the kind of person who comes out of the standard youth training camp. However, his simplicity is like those blind old men who sell wonton in the rainy lane in the middle of the night in Gu Long’s novels.
The back gives people a sense of threat, but when they stand up, the golden awn flies out and kills people everywhere, and their opponents must not be confused by their simple appearance.
The simple Hamsik "old man" who took the ball into the hinterland of Florence finally showed his killer side. Before Mazuqi rushed to tackle him, Hamsik kicked him. His signature long-range shot blew out a domineering foot. There was no sky full of golden awns, and there was a deadly arc
A second later, the dust had settled, and Frey was able to see the football cross a deadly arc and land in the net. The fans in Naples finally cheered with confidence.

After the ball was caught, Hamsik ran to him in a strange way. Qinan was ready to celebrate the goal, but when he saw Qinan’s hostile eyes, he chickened out, but it was too late. A standard judo in Qinan knocked Hamsik to the ground and pressed a person on Hamsik. He wasn’t afraid, but ten people pressed him. He could pray that the emperor would save your devout believer Hamsik, but he obviously forgot that the emperor might not care much about going to church once a month as a "pseudo-believer".
In the 25th minute of half-time, Napoli finally overtook the score from Hamsik’s long-range shot. The goal was normal and not as weird as half-time.
Rhea’s substitution received the effect he wanted, and Prandelli was not to be outdone. He also substituted. Kuzmanovich, a teenager from Seville, replaced Semioli. Prandelli needed more energetic and impactful young players than Semioli, who was in the middle of the rules.
Kuzmanovich is the key training of Prandelli in the past two years, and the characteristic is that the impactful technology is still in the past.
Sure enough, there was a loophole in Kuzmanovic’s energetic impact on Naples defense line.
Frey out of goal kick Kuzmanovic completely occupied the wind in the top fight with Hamsik, and Hamsik has been running for nearly 70 minutes. Where is Kuzmanovic’s opponent? He was directly hit by his opponent. A reasonable collision was made. The referee didn’t blow a foul. Poor Hamsik was just ravaged by his teammate and then by his opponent.
Get the ball, Kuzmanovic dives into gargano in a neat straight line. He dare not try to fight Kuzmanovic. His thin arms and legs can’t stand the impact of Seville.
Kuzmanovic rampaged like an estrus beast in the half court of Naples. The hunters obviously had little to do with this prehistoric creature. When Domic waved his steel fork to prepare for his life, the prehistoric creature caught the ball. Gilardino received the ball from Kuzmanovic in the small restricted area. This time, no one around him was watching him. Domic went to defend Kuzmanovic, a former Serie A genius shooter. He stopped the ball with a beautiful chest and then volleyed it directly without waiting for the ball to land.
After the goal, Gilardino ran like a crazy tiger, and his handsome face was like a sculpture. At this time, it looked a little ferocious. He declared to the whole of Italy, especially AC Milan, that I was still the talented shooter who scored like dirt. I didn’t get it right in AC Milan.
Gilardino’s excellent form of scoring three league goals in a row made Prandelli applaud his beloved brother.
Gilardino’s goal in the 11th minute once again brought the two teams back to the same starting line. Rhea didn’t want to win a draw at home, even though the opponent was a strong Florence. One minute after Gilardino equalized the score, he changed Zalayeta and Brasi to replace Dennis and grava Dennis at the same time. However, after running for 10 minutes, his physical strength was almost exhausted. Brasi was changed because his attack was better than Grava. He moved from Rome two seasons ago and was also an excellent winger.
However, Fiorentina coach Prandelli is obviously satisfied with getting a point away from home, knowing that Juventus capsized here last season and Inter Milan only got a point.
In the last ten minutes, Florence contracted, leaving Gilardino alone to fight back against Naples in the frontcourt, but made a crazy attack.
After Zenan shook Montelino, he immediately went to Zalayeta. He knew that if he didn’t get out at the first time, the hateful Donadel would entangle him again. The truth is that Zenan scored the ball on the ground. It can be said that the football accuracy fell on Zalayeta’s head like a guided missile. Unfortunately, the top of the Sarraille tower was too straight and hit Frey’s arms.
Frey goal kick didn’t go far. Gilardino didn’t head anyone in the top fight with Domic. Muldor next to him got Zinan and maldonado’s ball, but the ball didn’t pass through Florence’s five or six layers of defense. The ball was defended back to the backcourt. Mutu got Florence’s half-court. There were too many people to plug the ball directly.
Seeing that the straight ball didn’t work, the Neapolitan simply roared in the English-style high-pitched ball and went to see the scene. The fans’ necks were sore and almost got cervical spondylosis
When Lavezzi’s last gambling long-range shot missed the goal, the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game, and Prandel breathed a sigh of relief, almost jumping into his throat and finally returning to his normal position. It was not easy to get a point!
The final score was fixed at 2-2, and Naples was tied by Florence at home.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Interview with titan sports
Julia looked out at the training ground in his office, where there were players doing exercises alone. It has been two days since the match with Florence. The result was expected by many people and acceptable to Naples, so it did not attract any criticism from the media, and Naples also trained normally.
It’s already four o’clock in the afternoon, and the daily routine training in Naples has already ended for an hour. So who is the player in the training ground now? When the camera is closer, you will find that it is the most popular player in Naples, Dominica.
With playing more and more games, Qinan found that he still had a lot to improve, especially for that kind of ground ball. Yesterday, coach Rhea also specially had a talk with him about his weaknesses.
"Dominica, a good front waist must have a very accurate ground ball and a winger need a beautiful front waist and a very penetrating straight plug ball. After seeing that you are still lacking in this respect, pay attention to strengthening this practice! ! ! Here’s a disc I found someone to make, which contains my favorite Rui Costa and Riquelme’s ball brocade. Take it back and study it carefully. I hope your ball can reach their level, or even exceed their level. I don’t doubt that you have that talent. You are the best guy I have ever seen. "Rhea turned out to be prepared. Qinan took over the disc from the coach and thanked him for his help.
After talking to the coach yesterday, Qinan officially practiced, but instead of practicing in normal training, he chose to practice by himself after his teammates left. The training method is also very simple. Qinan put two teams in front of the goal to practice the plastic pile with the ball changing direction. The distance between the two piles is about 50 cm. Even if the ball passes through it, Qinan will practice from a place 10 meters away from the plastic pile, and so on until the ball can be kicked in at a distance of 40 meters.
This afternoon, Qinan just practiced. Of course, Qinan ranked football from ten meters away. After playing, take the ball out of the net and set it up. Continue to play like this. When the football goes through the arc, it flies past Naples. The magnificent sunset in Qinan is full of freehand brushwork.
Rhea has been watching his favorite brother practice hard in the office window, and he was deeply moved by Qina’s persistence. In this way, young people don’t have much time to watch. Now all the young players in Serie A are arrogant and extravagant when they make a little achievement. It can be said that there is little to spend their minds on the pitch. Monica is simply an alien among the aliens. So the genius has not relaxed even a little to himself. It is almost certain that after Monica, he will persist in constantly improving himself. Come on! ! Domonica! ! The future of Naples is at your feet.
It’s getting late. Qi Nan looked at the clock next to the training ground and found that it was already unconscious. At six o’clock, he wiped his head and sweated away all the football scattered everywhere before returning to the locker room, taking a shower and then going home.
Xiu Xiu is busy making a print advertisement for iRALBER Crystal this week. I don’t know if she has come back. She is already a busy person now, but if Qinan doesn’t go out to play away games, she will still go home on time every day. She is too busy cooking. She has dropped out of Oriental University, and so is argus Tini.
Argus Tiny is now busy in Xiu Xiu to discuss various advertising industries every day. Thanks to him, Xiu Xiu can cope with those businesses and journalists freely. Qi Nan recently found that Xiao Ni became more and more confident with Xiu Xiu’s participation in more and more commercial activities. This is a phenomenon that Qi Nan would like to see. Xiu Xiu was too timid before.
JiNa was walking on the road when his body words sounded. JiNa took out his mobile phone and looked down at it. It was a strange number.
"Is it Jina? I met with you in Houdusse for the first time, Li Jian, a sports reporter, remember? " The other party is afraid that JiNa misunderstanding is harassment, so show your identity quickly.
"Oh, I know it’s an interview, right?"
"Yeah! I didn’t expect you to remember that the sentence "how forgetful people are" may be that you are not feeling well! !” Li Jian tried to make the conversation between the two people seem relaxed.
"Ha ha, where am I? I’m a noble person. Maybe sometimes you will come to see me after training."
"Thank you very much, Mr. Qi. I’ll come to your club at one o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll make an appointment with your club first." Li Jian and others are Qi Nan’s words. I didn’t expect to give outsiders a cold and mysterious feeling. Domenica was so easy-going and considerate, which made him a little overjoyed. He has been a reporter for so many years and knows that some clubs are very taboo about players accepting media interviews privately. He said it is really necessary to make an appointment at the club first. Only in this way can you show your respect for the club.
The next afternoon, when Qinan was still training, Miss Rice came to tell him that two China reporters wanted to visit him and asked him if he would accept the interview. After the afternoon training, Qinan adjusted her instrument a little and followed Miss Rice to the club’s special reception room for foreigners.
Ten minutes later, in the reception room of visiting guests of Naples Club, Qina finally met the two football reporters Li Jianhe and Jun from China again.
This interview is not a large-scale video interview, but an ordinary recorded interview. Qi Nan wears it casually, and the three of them get into the interview topic after some greetings.
"Is Mr. Qinan ready?" Li Jian put the recording pen in his hand, while the army took the pen and made some key written records.

"Call me Anan or just call me Qinan. I’m a casual person. I don’t call you that." Qinan grinned, kind and easygoing, which made Li Jianru feel like a spring breeze.
This is the superstar temperament! ! ! Li Jian secretly praised in his heart that he had interviewed many so-called "talented teenagers" and "big-name stars" in Li Jian before, and he has achieved a little bit by one, which makes him look like 20,000 to 50,000. Look at the same China Qinan, a veteran Italian strongman, and Naples has taken him as the core to build the biggest star in Naples, but he is still so humble and polite that there is no big-name star rack! ! It’s the same person. Why is the difference so big? ! Li Jian’s last comedy star, Fan Wei, summed up his thoughts with a classic line.
"Then I’ll shout you a onam! ! !” Li Jian, seeing that Qi Na said this, quickly hit the snake with a stick.