Before the backhand shot, the ghost is a phantom.

One side wants to attack Lei Hu, play it by ear, a light disappears, and a cold light flashes across the corner of King Kong before the ghost figure emerges.
The former ghost not only kept Heibi and Lei Hu busy through the magic mirror phantom, but also hit the spirit fuselage with his idea.
It suddenly appeared behind a brainwave, swung its axe and cut it to him sadly.
The white deer in the spirit fuselage has a silver pattern, showing a touch of moonlight, which is like Huaguang’s chopping block.
Another cold chill spread along the axe blade.
Before the ghost felt this energy body gushed out a flame, and the chill burned away and disappeared like smoke.
A brainwave flashed through his eyes, and everything turned to energy before him.
The power of this hole is closely related to the truth I have learned.
Lingqing Shenyan’s innate method, Druid method and Zhou Tian Xing Dou method almost contain most of the common methods in the world.
Therefore, he can clearly distinguish what others are practicing, even changing and turning.
But after all, he didn’t have a brainwave, and he didn’t get it back.
Dozens of He Maoqing fights in his eyes are always changing like a silvery white mirror light.
Seeing the hole and finding out the real He Maoqing fighting spirit and shooting a white deer lightly.
Moonlight reindeer is not only a template carefully sacrificed by Nie Xiaoqian, but also a clever white deer to exorcise the gods.
Wear the gods to protect yourself, and serve the gods with a little spirit.
White deer exorcises the spirit symbol to exorcise the spirit first.
Everything in the world can be driven by the spirit.
All the lights in the reference field converge to one place as if they had fresh life.
Gradually, the venue became dark, leaving the light elves like stars.
Poison poison … poison poison …
The silvery sound echoed around like a child laughing.
When the light disappears, He Maoqing’s figure also dissipates like a shadow, leaving him to be himself.
And beside him stood a figure wrapped in a silver bandage
A brainwave said, "Is this what you call a magic mirror god?"
He Maoqing fights the bat fan to cover his expression and leaks a pair of fine eyes.
Looking at a brainwave and his white deer, he said, "It’s a beautiful elf.
But I have more than that. "
As his voice fell, it flew out of the multi-body silver bandage and became more and more tortuous
In a short time, it will be full of the whole competition venue.
With a flash of silver light, these bandages turned into a mirror and the venue became a mirror maze.
He Maoqing’s figure appeared in a mirror, and then all the mirrors were mapped one by one with the refraction of light, and his figure was spread around a brainwave.
A brainwave figure also suddenly appeared in front of the mirror.
He slammed the bat fan in his hand and hit the spirit fuselage.
With a crunchy spirit, the fuselage felt a force and looked at all the defenses and hit itself.
Feeling the power of this blow, my mind turned around and flew out with the direction of power, and my face was flushed as if I had been severely hit.
He looked up and looked around in the mirror. There was a flicker of horror in his eyes and asked, "What is this?"
"Magic Mirror Labyrinth"
Several He Maoqing dou explained that "people in the middle will be attacked by the figure in the mirror anytime and anywhere."
And what you see is real and illusory. "
He said that a brainwave appeared in all the mirrors.
And beside him, either He Maoqing fights or ghosts are eyeing up and looking at him.
"throw in the towel. Every mirror will feed back to you after you are attacked.
Maybe you can withstand three or five attacks, but after ten or twenty attacks, you will definitely be seriously injured.
Besides, there are a few of you in the maze now.