Already poisoned?

What a clever idea!
Jun Chen glanced at the little dust and swept the scar of Zhenfei without questioning. "Zhenfei, do you know the crime?"
Princess Zhen panicked and knelt down with a panda eye. She kowtowed and cried, "Emperor! Male and female servants did not! I am embarrassed! "
Jun Chen sneered, "What are you wronged?"
The more Zhen Fei panicked, the more confused she became. "The male and female servants didn’t instruct people to insult Yao Fei and didn’t start work on Yao Fei!"
This is half-truth, but she is really wronged, because she really didn’t send someone to scold Xin Yao, and she hasn’t got her share yet.
"Is that Yao Fei who slandered you and attacked you again?" Jun Chen stared at Zhen Fei in a cold tone and said
Yeah, yeah, that’s it!
Zhen Fei really wanted to say this in her heart, but she thought it was enough to report that she had been avenged, so she embellished the description "The emperor is Yao Fei’s unreasonable! Go to the male and female servants’ palace and insult them! Men and women forbear everywhere, but she is aggressive, wounding them and asking the emperor to make decisions! Meowed "
Zhen Fei looks more and more wronged. An Jin beside her has already scolded her in her heart. How can there be such a fool? !
Jun Chen’s tone at this time is that she has to answer questions? !
It’s the best way to win men’s pity if she’s hurt but doesn’t know how to pretend to be weak. Just complaining will make her look stupid.
After hearing this, Jun Chen turned to look at Xin Yao and raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Is that so?"
Xin Yao silly wait for a while shook his head. "Do you think I hit her like this, Emperor?" After that, his swollen ankle was slightly tilted, which gave substantive evidence.
Jun Chen touched her feet, and her face sank. Looking back at Princess Zhen’s expression, she wanted to kill her in minutes.
An Jin was still able to watch the play, but at this time she understood that Jun Chen’s preference for appeasement was that Xin Yao had moved his hand on Zhen Fei, but Jun Chen deliberately turned to ask her, and An Jin must be that Xin Yao did not deny that she had beaten Zhen Fei and Jun Chen had to punish Zhen Fei!
But she can’t let Xin Yao be so presumptuous! However, she is still like a harem!
"What the emperor saw from his servants and concubines, Zhen Fei Yao Fei, and both of them said were one-sided words. If Zhen Fei’s personal servant girl can’t prove it, it’s better to call his imperial secretary for inquiry and investigation."
A woman came in and everyone looked at Anjin’s temperament. Shuhua’s every move was elegant enough to be picky, especially before Jun Chen, which showed her wisdom and beauty incisively and vividly.
"The queen is right." Jun Chen agreed to look at An Jin with a smile and bowed his head shyly.
Xin Yao hum a also no matter see was brought in by LingYan dark one and dark two dark two just with Ling Yan to find someone at the moment is nothing serious but dark one.
Her mouth is bleeding as if she were hurt!
Damn it! How dare you do it to her handmaiden!
Jun Chen glanced at Xin Yao, and two small flames were burning in her eyes as if they would break out at any time.
"Queen, what is this?" Jun Chen pointed to the dark one and asked 1 for Xin Yao.
An Jin replied, "Report to my emperor that the situation was chaotic at that time. Maybe it was the male and female servants who were wrong. Yao Fei wanted her."
Xin Yao suddenly got up and was about to roar at Jun Chen’s back and pressed her against An Jin with one hand. "Accidental injury?" It’s normal for the queen to blame herself. "
Xin Yao flew to Jun Chen with two eye knives. What do you mean, you have to blame yourself? You don’t feel bad if it’s not you, do you?