Su Mo’s knowledge prompted this feather fan to feel that the dragon’s power in his Yuan God was gradually flushed with a red light, and it became more and more prosperous, emitting extremely horrible power fluctuations!

"That’s it!"
Su Mo’s heart is determined.
I’m afraid this feather fan has a long history, and it may be far worse than that jade bracelet just now!
Su Mo’s mind has decided that there will be no more stay in the arsenal and he will quit here without waiting for an hour.
"So soon?"
Schelling withdrew from the arsenal in less than a quarter of an hour, and he couldn’t help showing a bit of surprise.
He saw Su Mo holding a crimson feather fan in his hand and shook his head slightly.
"What is the origin of this feather fan in the temple?"
Sue ink noticed Xie Ling look didn’t trust mouth asked.
Xie Lingdao: "This is made of the bones of the seven-tailed phoenix feather fan. It was really famous in those days. It was a pure Yang treasure!"
"It is said that this pure Yang Lingbao can summon a real god to burn when its power is brought into full play!"
"It’s a pity that this seven-tailed phoenix feather fan was hit hard in a big war that year, and the fall of spiritual knowledge in it can now be regarded as a magic weapon of ordinary day order."
Schelling paused a little and shook his head with regret. "This opportunity is rare. You are in a hurry."
Su Mo laughed. "Anyway, this feather fan was a pure Yang Lingbao. Even if it was hit hard, the material is extremely special and will not be weaker than the innate day order magic weapon."
"You are wrong."
Xie Ling shook his head and said, "If this feather fan wants to exert its real power, it needs the power of the gods to urge other creatures to get this magic weapon, which is just a chicken rib."
"Su Mo, you can be forgiven for not knowing much about the seven-tailed feather fan."
"You know what? I’ll give you another chance. You go into the armory and choose again. Be careful this time."
"Thank you for your kindness."
Su Mo bowed and said, "I’ll choose this feather fan if I don’t choose it anymore."
Xie Ling saw that Su Mo insisted on this and no longer persuaded a moment to say, "In this case, you can go back to the palace and rest. After three days, the palace square in Yanyang will be closed."
Sumo excused himself and returned to the palace of Gankun Hospital.
Can enter the list can also get a big chance in the palace of inflammation Yang.
There is an ancient buttonwood tree in the sunny fairy country.
When all the monks on the local list have the opportunity to practice this buttonwood for a while.
This ancient tree is full of vigor and vitality, and a year with half the effort can be worth a thousand years!
Every time the monks on the list practice buttonwood, they break through on the spot and step into the celestial pride!
Can be ranked in the list per capita is the genie in the fairy, almost all of them practice to the nine terraces fairy peak.
It is a lack of an opportunity that the bottlenecks of these immortals have been loosened after a series of battles in the nine-day elimination tournament.
And buttonwood practice is this opportunity!
Sue ink nature also won’t miss this opportunity.
He is now the peak of terrace fairy, and he will soon break through to nine terrace immortals without accident.
He should take advantage of the opportunity of practicing buttonwood as much as possible and strive to break through to the realm of immortals as soon as possible!
In addition to these, there are many yuan lingshi, some yuan lingye and Wutong Dan.
Wutong Dan can make it easier for the nine-terrace immortals to break through the barriers and break the bottleneck when they break through the immortals, but it is a very famous panacea in the mainland of Shenxiao that can only be refined by Yanyang Fairy Country.
Su Mo returned to the palace of Gankun Court and called on Wu Daozun to grant Lingxi Tactics to the past.