Gu Yan, is this to make trouble? Gu Man looked back at her and saw that she was really angry. It was a long time before she suddenly remembered that Gu Qing had beaten Gu Yan face to face, and it was certain that he was so confident that he would become an inferiority complex.

At first, Gu Man didn’t respond. Gu Qing felt complacent. Gu Man knew that he was about to become an imperial concubine, so he didn’t dare to make himself angry. Now, seeing Gu Yan suddenly shot out, she sneered at Gu Yan’s condescending remarks. "I didn’t speak until you were nine elder sisters. N: In the round, I got you to interrupt? Don’t you know that you are both an ordinary girl and a sister? Don’t you know that your sisters are standing by when they are talking? " When it comes to later, it seems that there is already some humiliation.
This is the second time to say that you are an ordinary girl in front of yourself, but also in front of so many people, especially in front of your face!
Gu Yan gave her a frowning look in the mouth, but she was not to be outdone. "I am an illegitimate girl, yes, but my mother didn’t learn the rules at all. Fourth sister is a noble woman. When she was fighting, she went out to touch the mountain thief and didn’t say that she came back with the six emperors. Fourth sister is really lucky. By the way, how many people are there in the bandits’ nest? What are they like? I was anxious for most of the day when the fourth sister disappeared. "
The implication in the words is to accuse her of running out of the door in violation of her own reasons, so that she will be taken advantage of by bandits. What’s worse, she secretly refers to her in the bandits’ den, and Gu Qing instantly widened her eyes and blushed with anger.
In fact, she has been practicing very well recently, and her temper is very different from before. She is no longer easy to provoke Gu Man.
But once people succeed, forbearance will naturally turn into resentment and need to be vented, so she can’t wait to tidy up. Now she is so angry by Gu Yan that she can’t control it anymore. Pointing at Gu Yan’s slur, she is trembling. "Say it again! Gu Yan, what do you mean? !”
To be fair, Gu Yan said this is really cruel. These things are indeed known to all, but when Gu Yan said it, it changed its meaning. It is doubtful whether she was robbed or not. If she was heard by others, it would be very obvious that Gu Qing would not marry six emperors and become an imperial concubine, even if she would be sent to her temple. This remnant generation would not want to look back home.
But Gu Man is very comfortable when he listens.
Gu Qing is so annoying that she didn’t provoke her, but she always likes to hover in front of you like a bumblebee for a few times and then suddenly sting you when you’re not looking. I wish I could sting you in the head and kill you. It’s really annoying and really needs to be taught a lesson.
Looking at Gu Qing’s face changed from green to white and then from white to red, Gu Yan smiled and looked at Gu Qing’s eyes more and more disdainful. "What do you want me to say? Shall I repeat what I just said? If fourth sister doesn’t mind being heard, I certainly won’t mind repeating it! "
You!’ Gu Qing pointed to her whole face and put it together. She took her skirt and walked to Gu Yan and stretched out her hand to say hello to Gu Yan’s face.
It’s still this virtue, but I want to start work if I can’t say it, but this time the object is not facing Gu Man, but Gu Man doesn’t want to take care of it, but just stands aside and watches the movie lightly.
Gu Qing’s hand-eye saw that he was about to reach Gu Yan’s face, but he was yanked by one hand and dragged back for a while, and he almost fell to the ground.
Hold your feet such as Gu Qingcai red eyes looking back to see Gu Chengyu is a face of cold so staring at his behind also follow Gu Chengyun and Gu Chengqing.
Gu Man was very happy to see them and called "Big Brother! Second brother! "
Gu Chengyun smiled and answered, then glanced at Gu Qinggu Smoke and asked, "What’s going on?"
Gu Man smiled and shook his head and was about to speak when he heard Gu Qing screaming "Gu Chengyu! What do you mean? "
Gu Chengyu is now a security assistant. The future is limitless. Even the old lady has to think highly of him. Gu Qing seems to have failed to understand the situation.
At noon, when the sun was at its strongest, Gu Chengyu stood in the sun, but his eyes were dark, so he couldn’t help shivering without looking at it. Instead of yelling at Gu Qing, he turned around and looked at Gu Yan very gently and asked her, "Are you okay?"
Gu Yan seems to be very wronged, and tears are full of eyes. Looking at Gu Qing awkward.
"Gu Chengyu! Is this your attitude towards your sister? " Gu Qing couldn’t swallow this tone. Fannie and Freddie, Gu Zhao and Gu Man didn’t dare to provoke, but now even Fannie and Freddie have become everyone’s concubines. This is ridiculous!
Liu Yuran just came out with Ying Chun Qing Ping and looked at him with some surprise. He stood in the corridor and looked at this side from a distance.
Gu Chengqing is the eldest brother, and he came out to beat around the bush "property! Well, it’s not a big deal. Sisters sometimes quarrel. "
He is Gu Qing’s own brother, and naturally he has the intention to protect his sister. Then he added, "Why don’t Fourth Sister apologize to Eleventh Sister?" In fact, everyone can see that Gu Chengqing’s words are giving Gu Qing a step, and there are also implications for roll with the punches.
But Gu Qing just can’t accept that she looked at today’s domineering sister and vented her anger on Gu Chengyu. Then she listened to her brother and let herself apologize to her sister without asking right or wrong. Suddenly, she wiped her face with tears and spat at Gu Yan. "Bah! It’s also suitable for a little woman to climb out of her stomach! "
"I am not worthy!" Gu Yan’s tears finally fell, and her long eyelashes were wetted by tears, which made her even more delicate and touching. But what she said in her mouth was not at all polite. "There are four elder sisters you deserve! There are four sisters who are so powerful-when I was a child, I dared to burn down the old lady’s house and blame my mother. Now when I grow up, I dare to take no one out to play with my six sisters, which also caused my six sisters to fall into the bandits’ nest like you. You deserve it more! "
Gu Yan seems to have said everything without hesitation. Gu Qing was stunned for a while, and there was a bang in his mind. Suddenly, the whole person was stupefied and settled down. It’s been so long, and even the old lady Gu said not to repeat these words in the future, but Gu Yan just had to take them out again.
Gu Man doesn’t take a second look at Gu Yan. Gu Yan fen can’t be a person who doesn’t say anything. How can someone like her know what to say and what not to say when she says something?
She is deliberately trying to poke out these things. Does she really want to see Gu Qing marry six emperors?
However, when I went back to Qingfengguan, I heard that it was clear that Qiu Ying persuaded Gu Qing to go out and hold the jade. Pi Qiuying has been a smoker since a long time ago, and Gu Man knows this.
Since Gu Yan will deliberately persuade Gu Qing to go out with Baoyu, don’t you just want to watch Gu Qing being stuffed into the Six Emperors?
Or did Gu Yan just want to see Gu Qing robbed by bandits and ruined?
Gu Qing has reacted from the stupefied state and rushed to a grabbed Gu Yan’s clothes, which was quite vicious. All the people present soon heard that the silk was torn and pulled, and all the people were stunned to stay on the spot.
After all, it’s normal that Gu Yan can’t help but take care of this bad temper just now.
But Gu Man still sighed deeply. Gu Qing proved to be forever fighting against smoke.
Gu Yanfen is deliberately provoking Gu Qing to make Gu Qing angry and do things that can anger Gu Chengyu.
Gu Chengyu stretched out his hand and pushed Gu Qing away with a jerk, and quickly untied his robe and put it on Gu Yan’s body. Then he jerked a knife out of his waist and pointed it at Gu Qing.
"Five brothers!" Gu Chengqing frightened to disgrace suddenly stopped Gu Chengyu knife in the previous step.
It’s really strange to be so noisy.
However, the thought of Gu Man left and right made it clear why Gu Chengyu did this play with Gu Yan.
Even Xie Zhenxuan’s own people don’t want this marriage, but he didn’t dare to take the initiative to tell the emperor about it. It’s better to follow the woman’s skill-if the woman’s name is broken, the marriage will naturally fail and it will not be related to others.
And Gu Qing’s scandal, to put it bluntly, is the most obvious case of burning down De Anju a few years ago, and then appropriately spreading rumors about Gu Qing in Shengjing, then Gu Qing’s name will completely stink. How can such a person be an imperial concubine?
I have to admit that this is too hard to do, but Gu Man is still determined not to go out.
Gu Qing is a troublemaker, and the Six Emperors is a problem. What good can these two troublemakers do together?
After all, it was an accident that I wanted to design that Gu Qing, who didn’t marry the Six Emperors, would appear and take the place of his own Ministry. Now it seems that people like Gu Qing really don’t pay for others to hold them.
Things really made a big fuss. Gu Chengyu didn’t even think about it. The knife in his hand refused to take it back. It was still straight against Gu Qing’s neck, and his whole face was angry.
214 temptation
Xianfei sitting on the couch with delicate eyebrows seems a little tired, dragging the bar with one hand and looking at the name in front of her. "You mean you don’t want to marry that family girl?" Obviously, the emperor’s meaning can no longer be obvious. It is to let the four girls from the family enter the palace to have a look at it for themselves. What happens after that? It’s simple enough to tell does directly that YiLiuHuang is going to marry a princess.
But now Xie Zhenxuan has come to her and said that she doesn’t like this family girl.
Xianfei didn’t believe it. She also looked at Xie Zhenxuan as a family girl with nine girls or a girl with eleven cigarettes. After all, both of them are top beauties. Looking at her, this woman feels jealous. Is it a man? But later, Xie Zhenxuan Baba took people to the bandits’ lair and rescued Gu Qing. She also heard that the four girls from the family were very close. She was not stupid, but she thought she couldn’t understand what Xie Zhenxuan was thinking now.
It’s a foregone conclusion that the two girls who went to provoke others’ families and fannies first, but now they are four girls who have families. The emperor himself spoke, but suddenly he came to his face and told himself that he didn’t like that Gu Si, so he had to do something for himself.
Find a way? She’d like to come up with an idea, but the fact is that it’s not that simple. Now, the six emperors, Xie Zhenxuan, and the four girls who care for their families are all in full swing, and even the imperial censors have made a special trip ahead. What can be done to save them?
Think of bride’s family XianFei empress some impatient waved sleeve "good! Old six, don’t always think that one is another! Your grandfather also said that your affairs have changed beyond recognition now. If you don’t marry Gu Si, it’s not only the emperor who can’t make sense. Even the imperial advisers in front of you are afraid that they will have to complain, but only one princess. If you really don’t like it, just marry two more side concubines. "
Women are like clothes. Why don’t you just change if you don’t like it?
But Xie Zhenxuan doesn’t think so. Although Gu Si is also surnamed Gu, she is a family-oriented woman who gives birth to a daughter. When the time comes, nothing will be rooted and there will be no weight at all.