Su Mo said, "I’ll let the night spirit accompany you there when the time comes."

After all, I don’t know much about Su Mo in Danyang Gate. He can be a little relieved with a night spirit around Xiao Ning.
Su Mo turned to look at Ji Chengtian and others and thought a little, "I’ll leave you in Xuan Tiancheng for a while to rest and leave here as soon as possible."
Xiao pang frowned. "Big brother wants to go together and stay together!"
"Good" ji also nodded all day.
Su Mo waved his hand and said, "The three riding goals are me and me. If you leave together, I’m afraid no one can walk away. I’m strong enough to protect myself, but there is no need to be impulsive if you stay in the city and die in vain."
Ji Chengtian and others were silent.
They know that Sumo is telling the truth.
Among the three major riders, there are seven veins to build the foundation, and at least hundreds of six veins to build the foundation realm fugitives.
Ji Chengtian and other people’s strength, even in a prosperous state, can also live in the offensive of hundreds of fugitives.
Now they have little help to Su Mo and are suspected of being burdensome.
Leaving Sumo and Xuantiancheng may be the best choice for them.
Actually, it’s not a good chance for Sumo, a seven-pulse building base.
If he breaks out of qi and blood, his strength will rise to a new level, and he can definitely build a foundation for the seven veins!
But in this way, he will also become a target, attract more powerful enemies and be besieged by all monks in Xuantiancheng!
However, if hiding the evil spirit is to carry blood, Su Mo may be able to draw the foundation of seven veins at most by relying on the power of blood quenching knife.
It is difficult to defeat and kill the seven veins to build a foundation.
Unless he can get through the mouth and eyes in a short time, he can get through the general passage.
But this is not realistic.
That is to say, Su Mo’s only chance is that the three riders will survive for a quarter of an hour and wait for Danyang Gate to help!
"A quarter of an hour …"
Sue ink gently nan a pair of eyes with a cold light practice.
The next morning, Tang Yu didn’t show up. A cousin from Danyang came to ask Su Mo about his decision.
"I will stay"
Su Mo said, then glanced at Su Xiao Ning and added, "Xiao Ning will go back with you. Please tell Tang Gong that he hopes he can take good care of Xiao Ning."
The Danyang cousin smiled slightly. "Let me tell you that he will definitely protect Xiao Ning Zhou. Please rest assured."
"And these are the healing elixirs that my brother gave you. Maybe you can."
Before leaving, Danyang’s younger brother threw Su Mo a bag containing many jade bottles, all of which were different types of Dan medicine.
Su Mo glanced at it roughly and found no perfect order panacea, so he gave all these Dan medicines to Ji Chengtian and others.
Night spirit accompanied Xiao Ning to leave with this Danyang cousin.
Su Mo continued to practice.